Hand drawn Hillshade of mountain near Anchorage Alaska with Knik Glacier
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Drawing Hillshade by Hand with Pencils. A tutorial (with time-lapse videos)

Step 7. Repeat steps 3-6 until your map is complete

By the time you’ve shaded, blended, shaded again, then used your eraser to illuminate the bright slopes, you’ll have such familiarity with the landscape, the paper, and how the pencils and stumps behave with the paper that you will be ready to finish your map. Step 7 is to repeat the blending, shading, and erasing until you feel like your hillshade is done. Or until you feel like your hillshade is ready for color!

A final note

As I mentioned in step 2, always warm up. This will get your brain into the groove of drawing, helping your mind transition from whatever life activity you were doing before you sat down to draw. You can draw simple shapes for your warmups. Here are some of my own warmups below. Notice they aren’t intended to be perfect, just like your warmups at the gym aren’t intended to be your personal record setting lifts. Warmups get you ready to perform well.

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