Sarah Bell Maps


For my GIScience and technical skills portfolio, please contact me at My website’s portfolio here focuses mainly on cartography and dataviz storytelling, animation, and aesthetics. You can find a more complete cartography & aesthetics portfolio at This page includes some selected mapping and dataviz projects.

3D Mapping/Motion Graphics Animation

3D Map Flyover

I used ArcGIS Pro 3D mapping, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe After Effects, and music and narration editing via Camtasia to create this animated flyover map of the fabulous Index, Washington rock climbing area. View on YouTube here.

Animated John Snow cholera death map made with Adobe After Effects and ArcGIS Pro and Adobe Illustrator

Cartography/Motion Graphics Animation

Animated Thematic Map with After Effects

I created this map for a thematic mapping talk at the Esri UC. My workflow for this map was ArcGIS Pro, Maps for Adobe, and Adobe Illustrator – then animating in Adobe After Effects. You can view the 1 min. 45 sec. map on YouTube here.

Choropleth map recreated animated with Adobe After Effects


Animated Thematic Map with After Effects

My workflow for this map was ArcGIS Pro, Maps for Adobe, and Adobe Illustrator – then animating in Adobe After Effects. You can view the 1 minute map on YouTube here.


National Parks & 30×30

I created these maps and this mock-up magazine layout for a cartography presentation to demo mapping technology. You can read more about this map creation here.


Columbia River Basin animated map

An exploration of After Effects and the Columbia River Basin. View the video here. Read about this map’s progress here


Denali Map

Previewing a small section of this map in the gorgeous glaciated state of Alaska. Read more about this map here.


High Alpine (Serif)

I had so much fun making this serif typeface. I named it High Alpine, in part because of its perceptive height. You can download the font here.


BellTopo Sans

I designed this font to be styled like antique USGS maps and similar maps of the late-1800s and early 1900s. I named it BellTopo Sans. Download this font here.


Volcanoes & Tectonic Boundaries Map

This map shows the tectonic boundaries and volcanoes of the Juan de Fuca and Gorda plate subduction. To learn how I made this map, visit here.


Art Deco Style Map: Northwest Washington

This map was inspired by art deco era posters. I integrated the Kalakala, an art deco era Washington state ferry. Read more about this map here.


Tri-tone Mid-Century inspired Map

My inspiration for this map comes from a c.1950 map that I bought at an antique store. The bright tri-tone color palette makes it easy to read a lot of dense delicious map detail. Read more about this map here.


Vancouver, B.C.’s Nearest Rock Climbing

This 12 x 13.5 inch monochrome map shows rock climbing areas within a one-, two-, and three-hour drive of Canada‚Äôs beautiful west coast metropolis, Vancouver, British Columbia. To differentiate between crags and climbing areas within and outside the three-hour zone, the crags outside the zone have been visually subdued. The drive time polygons also all use the same hue, differentiating in opacity. Read about how I made this map here.


Red River Gorge Climbing Area

I created Red River Gorge Geological Area map to highlight this Kentucky gem. This map follows traditional recreation map standars that I discuss here. Each point symbol was custom-made for this map. I chose a soft-yet-clear color palatte to accenuate the point locations and roads.


Equidistant Conic Trading Card

My contribution to the map projection trading card collection, headed by Daniel Huffman. My projection was Equidistant conic. I chose to accentuate the “cone” of the conic with some shadow rendering that is typically not included in these types of projection graphics. Read more about this map and watch the video here.


National Donut Day graphic design map

I mapped Thrillist’s “The 31 Best Donut Ships in America.” The design is inspired by 1950s diners, and includes a lot of graphic design elements. Read about how I made this map here.


Geology Rock Class: British Columbia

The greater geologic rock classes of British Columbia, Canada. View a layer-by-layer video of this map here.

Cartography/Map-making/Fantasy Map


A fantasy map made with real geographic data. Read a little more here.